CNC Machining

With unparalleled precision and replicable accuracy, CRD Manufacturing offers value added CNC machining services in our state-of-the-art facility. Our CNC machining technology allows us to address even the most demanding applications for our clients.

From rapid prototyping to large scale manufacturing, CNC machining offers ultimate control and flexibility for the high-quality products your customers demand.

What Are the Benefits?

While many manufacturing processes can be replicated so that each product mirrors the next, CNC machining offers flexibility that few other processes can match. Designers can choose from a wide range of metal and plastic raw materials as well as an array of finishes.

The precision of CNC machining allows designers to produce the most complex shapes, which are often unattainable with conventional manufacturing techniques. These complexities are then able to be easily replicated without retooling your manufacturing plant.

By reducing the preparation efforts that often stand in the way of short runs, CNC machining also offers clients with scalable options that were previously cost prohibitive.

How Does It Work?

CNC machining involves the use of computers to control machines, such as lathes and mills. These tools are operated by a computer program called CNC code. Our engineers develop a 3D CAD model of the specified project and export the design into the CNC code. The machine then uses that code to dynamically control all features, such as feed rate, coordination, location, speed, positioning, and velocity.

CNC machining has revolutionized our ability to offer the highest quality, customized parts and products to our clients. Imagine the possibilities for your company. Get a free quote for your next project today

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